Hey Hunters!

Would you like to know something about hunting in Poland for red deer stags? You are interested how successful red deer stag hunting season we had this year in Poland? That’s what we want you to be familiar with.

As we all know – everybody wants to have beautiful stag trophy hanging on their wall 😊 This is really amazing, powerful animal.

Poland is one of most famous country to go hunting for red deer stags. The hunting areas in Poland are so various – you can hunt in part of Poland where the area is mostly flat or you can hunt for stags in hilly areas of Poland where the hunting is maybe more difficult but really exciting and beautiful!

Red deer stags you can shoot in Poland from 21.08- 28.02 but the best time is to come around mid of September – because it’s middle of the rut this time and you can hear how stags roaring and fighting with each other!

How the hunting for red deer stags in Poland looks like?

You are going hunting twice a day with your stalker early in the morning and in the afternoon. We provide you nice accommodation in the hunting houses or else high quality standard hotel – depends on what you require.

What was the most important this year for Macnab Hunting Agency provides best checked hunting areas where the hunting for red deer stags is really best experience and most time in the rut our hunters were able to get lifetime value trophy.

To get trophy like 8-10 kg with such a beautiful antlers it’s the best satisfaction for us as well! We realize that you are waiting for stag hunting all over the year just to come to hunt for 3-4 days to Poland to hunt. That’s why we want to provide best hunting experience. That means you can expect best prepared stalkers, the way of stalking will be professional – most our areas our hunterguides will show you how to call the stags in the rut because that’s the most amazing experience you can get during stag hunting and it really helps during stalking.

If you plan your stag hunting – we are ready to help and plan your best stag hunting, just contact us😊

Take a look on our stag hunting this year!


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